And the Dream began.....

And the Dream began... I can remember my very first sailboat as if it were yesterday...the shiny, bright red hull, the brilliant white sail that could blind you in the afternoon sun as it danced across the water. I loved that boat and would have done anything to keep it safe. Even fall off the dock and almost drown...but that was many moons ago and I was only 3. Thank goodness for a quick dad! My pride and joy and I were both safe and lived to sail another day. There have been many more loves in my life since that wonderful week on Keuka Lake and a good a share of them have been the sailing variety. So I guess that it was only natural that over time the dream to sail around the world would become a passion. I am very lucky that the man in my life, my husband Gar, has humored me in following this dream. We are getting there and hope to set sail once we retire but the journey has been fun. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Foxy's Now and Then - repost from june 1, 2009

And if history remains true, soon Foxy’s will enchant her new owners as she enchanted us so many years ago.

IMG_0180A quote by Andy Warhol came to mind as I sanded away the many layers of memories from our front door this weekend "You have to do stuff that average people don't understand, because those are the only good things."  (The Andy Warhol Diaries, 1989).  It has been a standing joke in “The Hood” with our realtor friends that we weren’t doing such and such project for the resale value.  When we initially moved into Foxy’s (as we call the old homestead after that famous bar in the BVI) it was the typical neighborhood casa. But over the last nine years and many diy projects, it became home for two frustrated artist wanna-bes. And our front door is a prime example. As each layer of paint peeled away, it was evident that we have always marched to a slightly different drummer.  From the cracked black and spiced vinegar that would have been so perfect for Morticia and Gomez Addams that gave way to my favorite shade of purple with the silver sparkling thru, the years at Foxy’s paraded by.  If I had a dollar for every delivery man, pizza boy or Mr. Brown that raved about our great purple door, we would be rich, rich, rich!! Guess they weren’t the average person!!

IMG_0183But it is time to strip away our colorful personalities to make Foxy’s ready for her next keepers. With every touch of purple trim we sadly cover up, Foxy’s is reverting back to a normal guy home in “The Hood”.  There are moments when I am not sure that I should be living here.  Think "Little Welcome Bird" may be having some of those same feelings.   The gorgeous satin-finish mahogany door that now greets visitors is just one more sign that we are moving on to a new adventure and another stage in our lives.  It has finally hit home that we are going to sell it all and search for that next adventure on “Dreamchaser”.