And the Dream began.....

And the Dream began... I can remember my very first sailboat as if it were yesterday...the shiny, bright red hull, the brilliant white sail that could blind you in the afternoon sun as it danced across the water. I loved that boat and would have done anything to keep it safe. Even fall off the dock and almost drown...but that was many moons ago and I was only 3. Thank goodness for a quick dad! My pride and joy and I were both safe and lived to sail another day. There have been many more loves in my life since that wonderful week on Keuka Lake and a good a share of them have been the sailing variety. So I guess that it was only natural that over time the dream to sail around the world would become a passion. I am very lucky that the man in my life, my husband Gar, has humored me in following this dream. We are getting there and hope to set sail once we retire but the journey has been fun. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Buenos Aires

Week 6
And we spent most of the week getting used to our New Hood! We actually found The Jumbo and Easy complex not too far from Casa Lucy for groceries and household items.  Just nesting away.  Some of the week’s highlights was lunch with Enid and John at Dashi Sushi
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and a wonderful Italian meal at La Momma Rosa’s in Villa Crespo, a local’s neighborhood far from the usual tourist hangouts. The food has been excellent and we truly enjoy going off for our walks and exploring.
On Friday we headed out for a free local city tour with Jonathan of BA Local Tours.   Jonathan operates daily out of Plaza Italia and does an excellent job of orienting tourists to the city and its buses and subways.
The best part of the tour was getting to ride on one of the old wooden subway trains.  It was the last day that they were going to be in operation and the crowds were large but well worth the trip.  Thanks for a great day, Jonathan!
Time away from home: 6 weeks
Distance traveled: 13, 694 miles
To see more photos of our ports of call just click on the red port to visit “Dreamchaser Travels” at Shutterfly!
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Don’t forget to relax and get some sand between your toes!!