And the Dream began.....

And the Dream began... I can remember my very first sailboat as if it were yesterday...the shiny, bright red hull, the brilliant white sail that could blind you in the afternoon sun as it danced across the water. I loved that boat and would have done anything to keep it safe. Even fall off the dock and almost drown...but that was many moons ago and I was only 3. Thank goodness for a quick dad! My pride and joy and I were both safe and lived to sail another day. There have been many more loves in my life since that wonderful week on Keuka Lake and a good a share of them have been the sailing variety. So I guess that it was only natural that over time the dream to sail around the world would become a passion. I am very lucky that the man in my life, my husband Gar, has humored me in following this dream. We are getting there and hope to set sail once we retire but the journey has been fun. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buenos Aires

Week 7
BA is starting to feel like home.  We have fallen in love with the urban life style and the beautiful city that is Buenos Aires.   Week 7 was filled with lots of walking, great cafes, and museums.  We try to  play tourist about every 3 to 4 days with lunch and a museum in a different part of the city.  Recoleta Cemetery  is right at the top of any must do in BA. So after a leisurely lunch on the sidewalk at La Pace, we spent an afternoon roaming among the crypts. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

The tables under the 18th century gum tree at La Beila were the perfect place to sip a little wine and people watch when we left Recoleta. 
This area of BA is more congested than our Palermo Soho but a nice place to visit.  Before heading back, we did check out the Palace Alvear Hotel which was gorgeous.
The Jardin Japones was our second excursion in week 7.  Even though it is a little run down, it is another wonderful green space in Palermo which is called the lungs of BA. 
The Museo Evita was our next stop and more interesting than expected.  It is housed in a mansion that Evita used for some of her social programs.
On Friday we headed back out again to the Recoleta area, this time to the Museo National de Bellas Artes and lunch at Sirop y Folie.  Lunch was beyond delicious and an afternoon with Picasso, Gauguin, and numerous other greats made for the perfect day.
Ended the week with a trip down to San Telmo and their Sunday Feria. Spent the morning wandering through the stalls with Enid before another great lunch at Petanque!  Our server George was very French and entertaining and made the excellent food even better.  Trout, roasted pork, steak tartare and a great red wine.  Only way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Great cafes this week:
La  Pace on Juncal
Sarkis, Armenian, wonderful grapes leaves, hummus, lamb and mousaka and white wine.  Yummy
Museo Evita Restaurant, French garden café at the Museo
La Fabrica Del Taco, sidewalk café with awesome pork tacos in Soho
Sirop y Folie, French, a little jewel on Vincente Lopez 1661
Puro Bistro, Italian and parillo, in the Hood, great gnocchi
Petanque, French café on Defensa in San Telmo
Time away from home – 7 weeks
Distance Travelled - 13,694 miles
To see more photos of our ports of call just click on the red port to visit “Dreamchaser Travels” at Shutterfly!
Till next time,
Don’t forget to relax and get some sand between your toes!!